Direct Digital Lambda (DDL)
Micro-Controlled Wide-Band Exhaust-Gas-Oxygen Sensor

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Copyright © 2000, 2001 Bernd Felsche , Perth, Western Australia.
A separate DDL mailing list has been established to discuss various aspects of Direct Digital Lambda. Send an email to Bernd Felsche to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Do NOT send subscription requests to the DIY-EFI list. They will be ignored. I will honour _all_ legitimate subscription requests but I'm not always here to add (or remove) you immediately.

The DDL list isn't (yet) managed by majordomo. Articles will be archived and _may_ be made available later on the DDL project's web page with email addresses concealed. You have been warned!

List content remains the property of the respective authors. Content shall not be re-published except as a DDL web archive without the prior written consent of the relevant contributors. Contributors may of course send a copy of their own articles to the DIY-EFI (or other) list, taking care to seek approval for quoting any work that is not their own.

Abuse of the list will not be tolerated. All necessary measures technical, social and legal will be taken to counter abuse.

Last updated November 10th, 2001
Copyright © 2000, 2001 Bernd Felsche , Perth, Western Australia.