1997 Visit to the AutoMuseum Wolfsburg

By Bernd Felsche
Working Beetles in Museum
'Fridolin' 147 Post Office Vehicle
"Fridolin" Type-147 German Postal Delivery Vehicle.
Wolfsburg's AutoMuseum features a display of over 100 cars, including the Beetle's ancestor, an NSU prototype, some very early Beetles including the first Cabriolet of 1938, the Transporter (Type 2) prototype and many other historically- and/or technically- interesting vehicles.

Sectioned and partly-dismantled engines, gearboxes and cars reveal the technology. Walls are adorned with informative displays of relevant technology and people.

'Fridolin' 147 Post Office Vehicle
Not only Volkswagen is represented by the displays; NSU, Horch, Wanderer, DKW and Audi have a significant presence. A variety of Volkswagen research vehicles and design studies have an equally prominent position.

1981 Rallye Golf Twin-Engined Golf for Pykes Peak

The AutoMuseum is also a source of Volkswagen memorabilia, and hard-to-find parts for vehicles being restored.

Admission to the AutoMuseum costs around 6.50 DM for adults; well worth the price to an enthusiast (German museums usually charge around 10 DM admission) who could spend much of the day looking at the diplays. Be sure to take along some extra cash to buy those inevitable momentos of your visit. Prices can be quite high for things such as models of current and recent vehicles, promotional pens, etc. . Many of those knick-knacks can be bought more cheaply at the end of a factory tour.

Millionth Beetle
One Millionth Beetle Produced
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