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A quick trip to Germany to help the family to celebrate Golden and Silver Wedding Anniversaries, and to take the opportunity to help a friend celebrate her birthday.

My Polo Ride Report describes not just the car, but also some major features" of the journey.


Almost four years without an holiday. So I began planning one and had the opportunity to do some training in a new product while I was in that part of the world. So I stuck those two weeks on the front.

Details of Circus 2011 are "complete". Have a squiz to see the route and the plan; as it was completed.

Initial impressions of driving the rented Golf 6 TDI may entertain as it explores the initial stages of trip in a less tabular format. The second half of the drive report is in draft. One day, I'll webify that.


After eight years, it was time to re-visit some places and to discover some new ones in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

2003 — World Solar Challenge

With Sungroper from Darwin to Adelaide



One of these helps get over language problems.





1968 — Migration

1967 — Holiday

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